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Sok@A project

HESAM Université
Publié le 28/03/2019 , Digital

Sok@A is a project for promoting and supporting soft skills for students.

The Sok@A project offers a complete system of promotion of soft skills as distinguishing skills for job applicants including a self-evaluation developed from Lene4work, the European frame of reference for soft skills leading to online resources and on-site lessons within institutions.

The target public for this experiment consists of engineering students in member institutions (Cnam, Arts et Métiers and CESI) but will have the long-term goal of being developed for other curricula in our institutions.

This tool will also be available for free starting in December 2019 with the goal of self-training at any age.

The Sok@A project won the call for expressions of interest (AMI) in 2017 on the digital and educational transformation of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.